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Firm History

Wolff Law Offices, PLLC is a progressive law firm established in 2001. We specialize in intellectual property rights, with an emphasis on patent law. Further, we provide business law and business entity formation counseling as well as Wills, Trusts and Estate formation and planning.

Kevin Wolff, the founding member of Wolff Law Offices, PLLC has over twelve years of legal experience in patent and intellectual property law and over thirteen years of industry experience in engineering and management. Mr. Wolff is a registered patent attorney with both engineering and MBA degrees in addition to his law degree. Some exemplary technologies Kevin Wolff has experience with include: integrated circuits, telecommunications, computer hardware and software, electromechanical, automotive, aerospace, medical devices, spread spectrum radio, cryptography, robotics, financial services, and business methods.

Our Firm's Mission

Our primary objective is to provide quality legal services at the absolute best value. Because our expenses and charges are part of your business cost-to-compete and budget, we aggressively manage our overhead costs and make legal and procedural decisions that will reduce your overall legal expenses.

We keep our overhead expenses low and utilize technology to operate in a highly efficient and effective manner, which enables us to offer high quality services at very competitive rates. With over twenty years of experience in law, engineering, and business, we understand your business environment and are able to provide value-added legal counsel that transcends mere technical advice. We strive to be an integral member and constant contributor to your business team.  We strive to understand your business and welcome the opportunity to work on-site with members of your organization so that we may become your outside/in-house counsel. 

Core Values

Wolff Law Offices, PLLC seeks to provide our clients with direct, candid and honest advice with your business goals and interests placed first.

Our firm's most valuable asset is its reputation for professional integrity. Parties interacting with Wolff Law Offices, PLLC can expect only the most ethical behavior at all times. Put simply, we guide our conduct by the principle that protects our reputation, and that of our clients: absolute integrity.

Successfully Integrating the Law and Technology

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